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Pullman Standard B&O Canstock Car

Second run of PS B&O cantock cars announced!

Here is the flyer!
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SMD Canstock Second Run Flyer

B&O box car designers in the late 1960s were looking for a better way to transport canstock.  Canstock is thin steel or aluminum used for can making.  After several test designs, the B&O approached Pullman Standard to build a box car using the data the B&O had collected.  In 1972, the result was a 50' box car with a severely offset 12' 6" door opening.  The doors on the car were not identical as one door opened to the right and the other to the left and each door has unique latching hardware.  Additionally, a fiberglass roof panel was used on the 4th panel from the B end of the car to allow light in the car as the doors were located at the opposite end.

Objectives of the Car and Why the End-Door Design
Click the image below to see original B&O public relations material describing
the objectives of the car and showing graphically why the end-door design
allowed two more canstock coils to be loaded into a 50' box car.

Midway through the Chessie era, many of the cars were shopped, painted and the fiberglass panel was replaced with a steel panel.

Early in the CSX era, all cars had new style of doors installed and any remaining fiberglass panels were replaced with a steel panel.

Only 75 Pullman Standard canstock cars were ever built.  However, the canstock cars have been photographed all across the United States.  There are many photos of the cars on the internet showing them in California, Denver, Texas, Chicago, Ohio, and all up and down the east coast.

The Spring Mills Depot car has the correct prototype specific features such as:

  • B&O / Chessie doors or CSX doors
  • Apex Slotted crossover end platform on the B&O car
  • Morton hole crossover platform on the Chessie and CSX cars
  • off-white fiberglass roof panel or blue steel roof panel

The models are Ready To Run and feature crisp detail and sharp painting and details. The models have wire grabs, metal wheels, seperately applied door tracks, and Kadee ® couplers. The undecorated kits have all 4 different doors, 2 different roof panels, 2 different crossover platforms.