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N&W CF, CG, CH, C2, C10,
and C30 Cabooses

Classes & Details

There are many different details across all of the cabooses we have chosen. This page will be updated as we define the various details and produce test shots. We will start with the trucks that we will produce for this model.

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The N&W used several different type of trucks under the CF, CG, CH, C2, C10, and C30 cabooses. We are going to focus on 4 variations which is unprecedented for a model. The T65 and T98 trucks are virtually identical externally so we will be producing one casting for both versions. The trucks will be available for sale seperately.

Andrews T-JJ used on the CF (N&W)

T-46 used on the CG (N&W)

T-65 used on the CH (N&W)

T-98 used on the C2 (N&W)

T-98 used on C-10 & C-30 (VGN)