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DODX Heavy Duty Flat Cars

Model Details

There are many subtle detail differences across the various builds of the DODX heavy duty flat cars. Here are a few to start with:

- SMD will offer the flat deck versions of the buffer cars.

- SMD will offer the Navy materials versions of the cars. They have a slightly different configurtation than the rest of the fleet but we will tool for these 5 cars. We will leave it up to the modeler to create a naval load as there are a few different types.

- SMD will offer painted number channel deck cars in the orginal olive drab scheme

- SMD will offer raised number channel deck cars in the urethane and cascade green schemes. The painted on numbers wore of off fairly quickly on the prototype so the miliatary had numbers welded to the deck.

- SMD will offer metal tie-down chains with each car as pictured below. The chain portion will be flexible and the cleat will fit into the channels of the transport cars.