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DODX Heavy Duty Flat Car

Tie Down Chains

When the first DODX heavy duty flat cars were delivered in 1981, regulations stated each flat car should be equipped with 50 tie down chains (24+24+2). Twenty four chains per Ambrams was excessive and the photos prove it. In 1992, the regulations were changed to 36 (16+16+4) tie down chains per car which is still the standard today.

We talked to dozens upon dozens of modelers and the one thing we were asked to provide were realistic tie down chains. So we dove into this project and we think we may have over engineered the tie down chains. These are simply the most realistic tie down chains available today. They will come painted in a rust color. There are 20 tie down chains per pack and the cost is $39.95. Click on the Ordering button to the right to get to the ordering page.
The above photo is likely pre 1992 with 12 tie down chains on one end of an Abrams.
With our highly flexible tie down chains, you can now model empty flat cars that have
piles of chains on the deck of the car.